Sann Info Technologies Private Limited offers Title insurance related services to support our customer’s need and our areas of expertise are as follows:

Title Searches/ Document Retrieval:

Searching the electronic title plant databases for the current and prior owners in the chain of title, deeds, mortgages, judgments and liens, bankruptcies. Preparing the report 

  • Ownership and Encumbrance Report (Current Owner Search Report or Property Report) - Search current date backward from present title holder and last deed for consideration, to find a warranty deed or other arms-length transfer on the subject property
  • Ownership and Encumbrance Report for Two Owner Search - This report involves a detailed title search on the last two owners in the chain of title of the subject property. Report details like vesting deed, current tax status, county assessment information, open mortgages, active judgments, active liens and legal description. Historical searches can be done for up to 30 years
  • Legal and Vesting Report - Property address and location information, full legal description as per deed, tax status and vesting information
  • Deed and Mortgage Report - Latest vesting deed and any open mortgages on the property
  • Liens and Judgment Search Report - Lists of active liens on the subject property and judgments on an individual
  • Commitment Report for Purchase and Refinance Transactions - Detailed search on the current and prior owners on record, conditions, covenants and restrictions, easement restrictions, any active liens and judgments, exceptions and requirements that affects the issuance of the policy
  • Bring Down/ Update Search/ Datedown - Update run or search on the subject property from the date of last search to the latest effective date and report all postings during this period

Preliminary Title or Commitment Report Preparation:

A Preliminary Report is generated by conducting title search for current ownership, outstanding deed of trusts, mortgages, liens, easements, covenants, agreements, restrictions, and any defects, etc. using Title Plant applications (DataTrace /DataTree/ Title Point etc.)

Search Package

Search packet contains the chain of title prepared by doing a title search. A search packet will contain the chain of title, Full Value Deed, Taxes, Maps. This will be used as a base for preparing the Prelim or commitment report

Abstract Keying

Key data on the title production system from the title abstract in order to prepare the commitment report

Abbreviated Prelim

Abbreviated prelim is prepared by examining the search packet and is keyed into the production system. The only differentiator from a full prelim is that these products are prepared with/without the use of a starter

Full Prelim

Full prelim is prepared by examining the search packet and is keyed into the production system. These reports will need a starter for all orders as the easements, CC&R’s and Leases are reflected

Title Policy Preparation:

Keying the exceptions and other details in order to prepare the ALTA policy document